17 things you didn’t know you loved about rural Mexico

Our family is about to celebrate our two-year anniversary in Mexico.  The cotton anniversary.

These years in the foothills haven’t been without disasters; they made up the bulk of them, if being honest.


After living the 17 years prior in various state & national capitals in three different countries, I was buggin’ for an underwhelming country life.

Frustrations, failures, & machete wounds aside.  Here are 17 things worth loving about life in Middle of Nowhere, Mexico.


  1. Mornings begin with daily announcements followed by birthday wishes for 1/365th of the population & an un-licensed Chipmunk’s version of las mañanitas coming from the town’s loudspeaker. Think middle school home room; All residents of Colonia del Burro Dormilon report with a shovel for committee at 4. Today Tia Migue is serving tacos de puerco y pollo.
  2. Sending the kids to the store to buy beer, mid-party. They are already playing in the street, so really it’s just sending the empties along with them.  Their return is always joyous & they are received like heroes.
  3. Watching Kingfisher and Crab go about their lives while washing the weekly dirties.  Soap nut trees conveniently located overhead.

    rainy season makes for many lonely socks

  4. Children & adults address their elders as tío/a ~ uncle/aunt. Children are lovingly addressed as mijo/a ~ my child.
  5. Visitors bring fruit.  20400876_10214004565772226_1119079609_n
  6. Remember playing in the street unsupervised wearing patched-knee flood pants and outgrown tee-shirts with irrelevant cartoon characters along with packs of other children, all on ill-fitting bicycles?  Mexico still makes childhood in that model.
  7. Pop-up goats.  IMG_0617
  8. Rusted-out wheelbarrows get second life as a mobile stove in which clay pots of beans & herbs simmer over coals.
  9. Sometimes, adorable baby tarantula comes in with the laundry. Not-so-baby-tarantula has to stay outside.

    local 8-footed traffic

  10. The hour it gauged by the sun.  Never a clock.
  11. Current phase of the moon is more relevant than the day of the week.   The exception being market day.
  12. Market day!  The day of abundance takes the sting out of the week’s lack.IMG_0057
  13. Guadaña & hoz are common word-stock (Scythe & sickle; near extinct English vocabulary.)IMG_5295
  14. A couple juice boxes and bag of candy is a satisfactory birthday present.  Have you ever seen a 3-year-old disappointed with her own bag of marshmallows?  No. It’ll never happen.
  15. Evening walks.IMG_5183
  16. Mushroom foraging after the rains.20158098_10213921559937132_1079861282_n
  17. Nature’s water park.  The theme of this ride: Absolute Freedom.  20136657_10213922754326991_711961717_n


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