Business as usual

A month ago, Ramirez unloaded half of a corn field on our front porch.

Here’s truck load #1


And #2


And we’ve stopped counting.  But apparently we were still smiling at this point.


Tens of thousands of ears of corn.  Husked and shucked by hand.


There were the anticipated belles of the corn ball


and those who said “to hell” with industry standards. They came in Doc Martens.


This coincided with the jicama harvest just days before celebrating los Muertos.


Corn and crops aside, we have been busy tending to the flock’s new arrivals,


with impromptu expedition,

IMG_5123.JPGand with OHMYSTARS did I mention we got sheep!?

IMG_5263 (2).JPG

To ensure plenty of time for my happy place, while still answering everyone’s messages and emails, I will attempt to summarize the most FAQs about our life off-grid & share cultural nuances unique to a place with a buffer from the modern world.


If you’re itching to know more about life in rural Mexico, living off-grid, strategies for reducing waste, baby farm animal names of 2017, or the only way to kill a coyote (hint: it is nothing you would ever imagine so save your time guessing) then please post your questions below in the comments section. To anyone upset by snaring coyotes,  knowing how to & actually killing a coyote are two entirely different things.

I not only lack the nerve but the basket I would use for the job is full of corn.





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